Silenced Auto-Rolling Ball (P4)
Silenced Auto-Rolling Ball (P5) (You have to take the '2' out of the filename)
If you're like me, you love the auto-rolling ball! If you're also like me, you wish it didn't make the annoying noise constantly when you're trying to play with your Petz and do other things in another window. Simply took out the sounds!

Bat Feeder (Overwrites Birdfeeder, P5)
A lot of bats also enjoy nectar! I ripped the Bat sprites from the Haunted Mansion and replaced the hummingbirds with them. Enjoy. :)

German Shepherd - Labrador Overwrite (P4)
A simple overwrite for the PF Magic Labrador that mimics the PF Magic GSD - but with (hopefully) less weirdness. Comes in four colors: Medium, Light, Panda (White), and Black (Melanistic). Only one eye color.
2.10.24 - Fixed Mute Bug, uses Labrador sounds again.

Mutt with Alley Eyes + Personality Overwrite (P4)
!Does not have perma flea or sickness!
A mutt OW designed to have eyes like the alley cat, and quite a bit of its personality. These mutts will have: high liveliness, low playfulness, high independence, high confidence, high naughtiness, high acrobatics, and low patience. The Mutt's eyes also have 201 for the eyeball color, instead of 245. Everything else (markings, etc.) is the exact same. (Remember to erase the "alley" part of the filename for it to work).

Doctor's Mirror (P4)
Clothing item, uses the same slot as the Sheriff's Badge, so you can wear collars or hats with this item.