Welcome to Tails of the Grotesque, a Petz 4/5 fansite. Petz was a series created by P.F. Magic, and this site is just one of many dedicated to it. More info can be found here. My name is Klomonx but I've also gone by Anastasia and Dorian online - I've been in the community since 2006, but have been dormant for many years. Back in the day, I ran the site known as Werewolves and Dragons, Kennels and Sometimes Cattery (Show:WDKSC) also known as Petz Du Soeil. Nowadays, I post here.

As far as specializations go, I breed Alleys, Egyptian Maus, Main Coons, and Siamese for catz. For Dogz I breed German Shepherds...I'm very picky about what dogz I adopt/keep. I enjoy the black, brown, gray, and white furs most, and love the mutation eyes (such as Pink). I also enjoy breeding hybrids, or creepy monsters.
E-mail Me At Klomonx [At] Gmail [Dot] Com

    This site contains and uses:
    External Files will be noted in the case of adoptions.
  • Inbred Petz
  • Hexed Petz
  • GMO/Genexed Petz
  • OW Breedz
  • Custom Non-OW Breedz
  • I do NOT care about PKC standards


Nov. 2 2021 - Added a new download! A Mutt OW that has Alley Cat eyes and Personality.
Sept. 22 2021 - Added a new download! A Labrador OW that looks like a GSD.
Sept. 13 2021 - Updated Links! Blackmist is back, added other links to other OWs I use. I switch them out as needed.
Sept. 12 2021 - Added a button you can use to link back to Grotesque! Enjoy. Its on Links' page.